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Toyotas in the Park 2012

posted 12 Sep 2012, 05:31 by TECCWA Motorsport   [ updated 6 Nov 2012, 05:50 ]

Toyotas in the Park is a free annual event for both entrants and spectators brought to you by TECCWA and is open to any Toyota owner wishing to display their presentable or unique Toyota bodied automobile.  Gates to Langley Park in the Perth CBD will open at 8:00am with the show commencing at 10am.  Entrants are welcome to display multiple cars but remember, you must fill out one entry form per car.  To assist entrants with multiple cars, public car parking bays are located around the park for temporay use until reserve access is open.  Reserve access closes at 10:00am with the show running from then till 3:00pm.  An award ceremony will be held at 3:00pm and access off the reserve will be re-opened at that time.  Entrants are required to observe the terms and conditions upon the entry form for participation in the 2012 Toyotas in the Park.

TECCWA appreciates your submission of event entry details - this will assist us to better plan the day and in recognition of this fact, you will receive a show bag upon arrival to Toyotas in the Park.  Entries are also welcome on the morning of the show, but we cannot guarantee these people a show bag.

Click here to download the entry form.

Complete the entry form and return to:

129 Howick Street

Or email a scanned copy of the form to

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