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Nov 3 - Driver Training and Autokhana Day

posted 23 Oct 2013, 06:08 by TECCWA Motorsport
Now that a successful Toyotas in the Park has been completed, it's time for me to remind people of our next event on Sunday November 3.

The day will be of 2 parts, with Entry Form and Supplementary Regulations attached.

Remember to check the Motorsport page ( or TECCWA Facebook page for updates, and further details.

The morning will be used for Driver Training. The focus of this session will be for both beginners wanting to gain some confidence and experience with driving their car in a safe environment, and for more experienced drivers who wish to improve their times around some of the Red Mist Autokhana courses. There will be 2 courses, including the Top Gear course, used for this session to allow a variety of techniques to be worked-on. 

There will be a number of very experienced and accomplished instructors/drivers on hand for this session, including Franz Esterbauer, Murray Armenti, Paul Kluck, Duane Joubert and Bob Schrader. An emphasis will be on in-car instruction, and also general advice around the pit area.

Beginners are encouraged to enter, and be assured that this is a session to help you improve, whatever level you are at.

The plan is to run using the 2 courses, from 9am until 12pm, with the number of runs entirely dependent on how things flow.

The afternoon will consist of the normal Red Mist Autokhana format, with 3 courses run 3 times each (dependant on numbers and efficiency). For those who do the Driver Training in the morning, it's an opportunity to put any new techniques to the test in the actual competition part of the day.

Please get your entries in ASAP, including indication which session/s you wish to participate in, so as not to miss-out on this exciting day. Also, to avoid money handling on the day, it is preferred that payment is made by Direct Deposit by the Wednesday prior to the event, so that it appears in our account in time.

Also, please ensure you arrive in time to check-in and be scrutineered for the appropriate session times as delays will affect everyone, and it is likely that the session will commence without you.