TECCWA is an Incorporated Association, subject to the Associations Act and our Rules of Association. As required by the Act, a copy of can be viewed/downloaded using the link below:

Our Rules of Association

*** Updated February 2018 ***

We encourage you to fill out our online membership form below. Memberships are valid for calendar duration of 12 months beginning every April, with NEW members joining between January and April having their renewal datee set to the following year’s renewal date. 

Membership is open to past, current and future enthusiasts of any Toyota automobile, and we also welcome owners of other makes and marque. Most members will reside in metropolitan Perth; however country, interstate and international members are also welcome. The following membership types are available:

Full Membership:

Full Membership entitles the individual to:

  • Member only discounts from our sponsors;
  • The ability to vote in the AGM;
  • Stand for a TECCWA Board position;
  • Have a say in the club structure and operation;
  • Event and merchandise at members pricing;

Proceed to our online full member application process here

Corporate Membership:

  • Corporate memberships is aimed at businesses or incorporated bodies with multiple employees and entitles that entity to:
  • List one primary person with the privileges of a full member;
  • Nominate two secondary people co employed or related to that primary member to attend TECCWA events;
  • Access discounts as provided by club membership at club events;
  • Secondary listed members are not entitled to vote, or stand for committee positions within TECCWA;
  • Corporate membership is separate to sponsorship arrangements;

Proceed to our online corporate membership application process here

Family Membership:

A full member will be entitled to name one family member (partner or one child under the age of 16 years) per charge, and entitles that person to:

  • Member rates and discounts on club events and offerings;
  • Prizes at club events;
  • Family members are not entitled to vote, or stand for committee positions within TECCWA

Proceed to our online family membership application process here, and enter the details of your family member (needs to be related to a Full Member, make separate applications if applying at the same time)

Membership Payment:

Membership payments are accepted by the following means:

  • Corporate:$100 pa
  • Full: $50 pa
  • Family Member: $25 pa

Direct Deposit:
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036037
Account: 363299
Account Name: TECCWA
Reference: Your name for all transactions please

TECCWA Membership