Motorkhana, circuit, drift, drag, track days, rally, supersprint, regularity events, interclub challenges - we have people interested in it all.  We're interested to compete and support people in their desired field, and look to develop TECCWA members and cars as competitive entrants in those fields.

CAMS Affiliation
We are pleased to announce that TECCWA is now a CAMS affiliated car club. This enables TECCWA members to apply for CAMS licences using their TECCWA membership for their application. We hope this is a useful facility for our members, in assisting them to obtain CAMS licences for various motorsport events, where CAMS licences are required.

To download the CAMS Level 2 Licence Application Form, go to the CAMS web site or use the link below:

NOTE: CAMS have also introduce a Member Portal, which allows for easier renewals of your licences online.

AASA Licences
A reminder that those running with AASA (Australian Auto Sport Alliance) need to apply for and renew their licences directly with AASA as they no longer allow licences to be issued on the day. There have been price changes, and new forms, so please download the new form to submit for your license.

The AASA Club Racing Licence is available at the link below:

Red Mist Series 8 - 2018

Please read the updated Supplementary Regulations for the series, including updated pricing information for series entries. 

AASA have changed their policy with regards to being able to apply for AASA licences on the day. So unfortunately, from now on, you will need to apply directly to AASA and receive your licence prior to competing. So, if your licence is due, I'd suggest sending in an application soon.

Also remember that CAMS licences are acceptable too, and TECCWA is CAMS affiliated, so feel free to apply for CAMS equivalent licences if that suits you better.

Direct Deposit for Entry Payments:
Bank: Westpac
BSB: 036037
Account: 363299
Account Name: TECCWA
Reference: Your name for all transactions please

Entry fees (see below) and any TECCWA membership payments ($50 for Full Membership) will only be accepted by direct deposit (bank transfer) up to the Wednesday prior to the event, or via PayPal, to allow receipt of such payments to be confirmed prior to the event.

Cost is $75 for TECCWA members and $90 for non-members for each event.

Series entries, where all 6 events are entered and pay for in advance, cost $360 for TECCWA Members and $450 for Non-Members. To qualify for series prizes, you must have competed in a minimum of 3 events.

Red Mist Series 8 Entries

Red Mist Series 7 - 2017

Red Mist Series 6 - 2016

Red Mist Series 4

Overall Winner:
- David Glover (Lotus 7 2000ccT) with 100 points, just piping Aaron Francis in the last round on 97 points

Class A:
Unfortunately, nobody competed in the required 4 events for the series, so there is no official winner for class A. However, Peter Hay took all the points up for grabs in the final round to finish above Mike Goudas, who had been leading to that point.

Class B:
- Aaron Francis (Golf GTI 2000ccT) with 115 class points, reversed the overall rankings to snatch it from David Glover on 100 points.

Class C:
- Jeff Thomas (Toyota 86 GT 2000cc) with 126 class points, took the win from Shane Kenna with 94 points.

Top Gear:
- David Glover finished the final round with a new best time, recording a very impressive 59.92 seconds, dropping under the minute mark and getting very close to Bob Schrader's all time fastest time.

New Top Gear times set during Series 4 are shown with a green background, and were eligible for the honor this time around. 

Series 4 was a 6 event series with points for the top 10 places, including capacity classes. To qualify for series prizes, you had to compete in 4 of the 6 events. 

Red Mist Series 3
The third of our Red Mist Autokhana series was completed, following the third event on November 3rd. Results are available at the link below, and awards took place at the TECCWA Christmas BBQ.

Red Mist Series 2 and 3 Promotional Flyer

Red Mist Series 2
The second of our Red Mist Autokhana series was completed following the third event on May 12th. Results are available at the link below, and an awards presentation will take place on August 25th as part of the TECCWA social event at Whiteman Park (see our Calendar).