Historic (Code 404) Registration

Got an old car, not used for daily activities anymore? Concessional licensing is a good opportunity to keep those older cars licensed for road use provided they are used in accordance with the regulations of their restricted license. A heavily reduced licence fee is also an attractive part of concessional licensing for cars used for club events.

TECCWA is an "Historic Motoring Club" for the purposes of Members applying for Code 404 Registration for eligible vehicles. We will be updating our Membership process soon to cater for members wishing to register their vehicles under Code 404. In the meantime, if this is urgent to you, email president@teccwa.com.

Code 404 FAQs:

TECCWA is also an Associated Member of the CMC (Council of Motoring Clubs of WA), who have had significant involvement in the establishment of this registration category and it's promotion.