Historic (Code 404) Registration

Got an old car, not used for daily activities anymore? Concessional licensing is a good opportunity to keep those older cars licensed for road use provided they are used in accordance with the regulations of their restricted license. A heavily reduced licence fee is also an attractive part of concessional licensing for cars used for club events.

TECCWA is an approved "Historic Motoring Club" for the purposes of Members applying for Code 404 Registration for eligible vehicles. 

The process:
  • Read the Department of Transports rules for this concession to ensure your vehicle complies.
  • It is MANDATORY that vehicles are unmodified, with the exception of period correct options.
  • Once satisfied you wish to proceed, you will need to join TECCWA using the membership form and payment details on the Membership page of this site. There is a question on our membership form to indicate that you are interested in Historic registration.
  • Our Membership coordinator will process your application and issue you with a membership number.
  • You will be put in contact with our Historic Coordinator to ensure you have the necessary DoT paperwork and to arrange for us to inspect your vehicle for suitability.
  • When inspected, and assuming there are no issues, the DoT paperwork will be signed for you to take into a Licencing centre.
There are some key points to remember:
  • As a club of volunteers, we cannot guarantee to process an application immediately.
  • If your registration is due, and you're hoping to get it done quickly, remember the first point. We can endeavor to do it as quickly as we can and as reasonable. But, there are limits on people's time and the time needed to process and inspect the vehicle. 
  • If you need to renew your registration in order to complete the process, remember that the balance will be refunded by DoT once you see them to switch to the concessional licencing.
  • Our Historic Coordinator lives south of the river, and has limited time for inspections. So, bare this in mind, as you will need to take your vehicle to him for inspection and arrange a date/time that is suitable to both parties. Unfortunately, any "urgency" on your part will not be accepted as pressure on our inspector to see the vehicle "immediately" or to travel to you. 
  • You will need to remain a member of the club for your car to be registered under Historic (404) concessional licencing. So, you will need to renew your club membership each year BEFORE it is due, as TECCWA are obliged to inform DoT of any concessional licence holding members who do not renew their membership each year.

Any further enquiries, email historic@teccwa.com or enquiries@teccwa.com

Code 404 FAQs:

TECCWA is also an Associated Member of the CMC (Council of Motoring Clubs of WA), who have had significant involvement in the establishment of this registration category and it's promotion.