About Us

We are a car club catering for Toyota and Lexus enthusiasts, based in Western Australia and incorporated in Western Australia.

Current Committee positions include:

If you have any questions or queries as to what TECCWA can provide for you, please direct them to enquiries@teccwa.com.

Gene Schneider is transitioning some Motorsport activities to other members of the committee to spread the workload and to share the knowledge across the committee members. Alex Peters, Brett Clair and David Juett will be taking various tasks on as part of this transition, while Gene will continue to be involved during this period, particularly on event days. David will be taking on some of the event permit work, while Brett will be taking on the publication of information and handling of entries. Alex, in addition to his membership role, will also be getting involved on the day as we try to increase the people capable of running the Motorsport activities, which are resource intensive.